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 TG-18 Testing
Drill Size
Access Bus
PCB Design

White Papers and Handouts

Stabilizing Inductive Current Sources: STABILIZING INDUCTIVE CURRENT SOURCES.pdf

Grid Paper for Engineers:  Very useful for frequency response of amplifiers!   RCL Paper

RCLgrid-1: RCLgrid-1.pdf

RCLgrid-3: RCLgrid3.pdf

db Graph: db-Line.gif

CRT Monitor White Papers and Handouts

Horizontal Linearity: LINEARITY.pdf

Horizontal Deflection: HORIZONTAL.pdf

Vertical Deflection Amp: VERTICAL POWER AMPLIFIER.pdf

Video Amp and other Fast Amps: video amp.pdf

Electron Gun: Electron Gun.pdf

High Voltage: High Voltage.pdf

Deflection: Def.pdf

History: history.pdf

CMOS: CMOS_Logic.pdf

TTL: TTL_Logic.pdf

Timing Hazards: Timing_Hazards.pdf

Axcess Bus: version 3.0