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Power Line Filter

Aids in error free data in all three bands.  Unlike most filters designed only for the 120kHz X-10 band.


Why a Power Line Filter?

There are many methods of sending data down the power wires in your house or business.

X-10 uses 120kHz tones synchronized with the 50 or 60Hz power.

Power Lime Modem 100kHz to 400kHz

Ethernet Power-Line Bridge 4.3 to 20.9mHz

The following lists of devices are likely to interfere with data signals.

Noisemakers (Devices that put out noise onto the electrical line)

HID lighting

Motors: Refrigerator, heating systems, pumps, attic fans, treadmills

Microwave Ovens

Transformer-based lighting that use solid-state (electronic) transformers

Fluorescent-based lighting and ballast transformers

Other Transformers: Cell phone chargers, Toothbrush chargers, Razors, etc.

Signal Absorbers (Devices that absorb data signals )

Televisions, Computers Computer monitors, Laptop computer power supplies,

Ozone/Air ionizers and filters

Game Systems: Nintendo, X-Box, PlayStation, etc.

Audio/Video components: Satellite receivers, CD players, VCRs, DVD players, Cable boxes, Tape Decks, TIVOs, AV Receivers.

Surge-protection power strips, UPS's, and Power Conditioners.