You have successfully connected to my house!

This web page controls house functions.
You are talking to a 8051 computer with 40k of flash running at 20mhz.
It is about 1" square.
e-mail me RonS.
GRAD Engineering llc Loveland, CO USA.
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Values refresh every 15 seconds

time = Week 23 : Monday : 7 :39 :15


click on

relays=0100  1100

0111  1100

1111  0111


 Monday 7:39:15 
Yard Light = OFF
Well=OK    Motion3
Water Zone = Front 3

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This page does not work except for "HERE"!  I really do not want you turning lights on/off!  The real web page has working switches that can be changed by a click.  LEDs respond to events, some can be clicked on.  Simple 256 position meters indicate heating system temperatures. The bottom four lines are what is displayed on the LCD display.