I just finished installing PALASM under my NT machine and there is one little catch in doing so. In order for the install to finish, it needs to know where command.com is located, but NT does not use command.com, it uses ntdetect.com. Therefore, if anyone wants to use PALASM under NT, they need to get a copy of windows 95, 98, 3.11 or DOS 6.22. If someone dual boots, they will have no problem, since non-NT windows use command.com. Attached is a copy of command.com for those that do not have it.

I just messed with PALASM a bit more and I have found the following to work under my system. After installing the program by placing command.com in a temporary file, I could then safely delete command.com without any complications. After PALASM started and went to the main window (the main form), you could press Crtl-Enter to force PALASM into a windowed program on your desktop. It only froze on me while I was trying to do that while PALASM was still asking me to "press any key to continue.." Since NT does not use autoexec.bat or config.sys, I had no problem after booting up. My laptop did not freeze up and it has not had any weird results due to PALASM. With this updated info, anyone using NT should have no problem using PALASM. Erich Mirabal